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Sourcing and supplier selection

This is for those who prioritise supplier selection for reasons beyond quality and price, for a competitive advantage and protecting trade secrets.

  • Buyer protection to make sure you don’t loose money before you have even started.
  • We negotiate price and payment terms on your behalf if you purchase any of our sourcing and sampling related plans.
  • Most of our buyers pay 10 – 15% less deposit by having our local entity represent them.

Our data has taught us two key facts that makes sourcing all that more important.

  • The same product from the same supplier is sold at different prices to different markets.
  • Each factory has at least 3 agents posing as factories online. Many suppliers choose not to list online making them even more difficult to find.
  • Our best practises to sourcing and a local team on the ground help you avoid middlemen and find suppliers that are not listed for export markets on platforms like Alibaba and Globalsources etc.
  • Is the price too good to be true?
  • Avoid bogus and misleading prices, suspicious and low performing suppliers.
  • Use our team to qualify all offers and cross reference our data bank of prices 
  • Where applicable we will offer you a recommended price to compare against supplier quotations. (This price is achieved from our 25 years of order fullfilment in 200 different product categories) 
  • This option serves best for those with low quantity and high variety.
  • Trading companies (not factory agents) are more accountable to the customer than the factory themselves. They work on your behalf, usually achieving better commercial terms and prices.
  • We work together with over 25 quality trading companies and consultants in different product categories to bring you the best options and alternatives

Product Sampling

  • Consolidate all your samples to one physical location to be handled, sorted and evaluated.
  • Our offices are equipped with the basic tools to inspect samples and provide you with feedback.
  • Save on sample charges and courier expenses for samples that are not workable.
  • All domestic freight charges included in plan 
  • Save courier expenses by consolidating all your samples at Launchpad local offices for inspection.
  • Based on our findings you can choose to dispatch ONLY what you require.
  • Our team organises all your order details, sampling, labelling, packaging, colour swatches into one courier.
  • Regardless of your buying needs, our customers have benefited most from this.

How many times have you received a sample that was nothing like the photo?

  • Save the unnecessary sample charges and courier expenses by using our local offices to qualify the sample first.
  • Typically we negotiate with the supplier to send us the sample free of charge for 24 hours. 
  • After you review our feedback and pictures you can purchase the ones you really require.
  • Balance samples are returned back to the factory. (Domestic freight charges included in service plan)

Sourcing from a sample can be difficult if you don’t have a physical office in China and especially if you have only one original sample. By using Launchpad as your office, you can:

  • circulate the sample to different suppliers for a quote.
  • Receive all counter samples to your Launchpad office for an in house quality check.
  • Choose final counter samples to be sent to you in one courier.


All inspection is outsourced to our network of inspection companies and officers whom we have been working with long enough to certify a high level of performance, accuracy and transparency. Our Cross Inspection approach brings you more transparency and confidence in your inspections.

The key pitfall at this stage is bribery and corruption. If you purchase more than one inspection, Launchpad makes sure that these are allocated to different inspectors from different companies to give a true picture and second opinion.

Benefit from our better prices due to our combined volume. Most inspection companies offer a fixed man day charge. Ours is flexible because we understand the skill set required for a pre shipment inspection significantly varies from a supervised loading inspection. Pay less for supervised loading and more for a pre shipment inspection.

If in the unfortunate event a defect or critical problem is identified, our team mediate directly with your suppliers to understand the problem thoroughly, to assess and quantify the damage and to provide workable solutions. In the case there is no solution, our team negotiate discounts on your behalf. Typically, we have achieved 10 – 30% discounts for our customers.

Receive a compliance report within 24 – 48 hours. Through our network of agents in SGS, Intertek, etc we get you the latest and most updated regulation regarding the article of import. We recommend this information to be gathered before sourcing to better target and qualify suppliers. 

The expenses of testing can be higher than your total purchase amount. If you are testing your business idea and want to be frugal then source suppliers who already have standard test reports in place. If you pick up the essentials package from Launchpad then you benefit from our sourcing and compliance to shipment services which ensure your inventory arrives as expected.

*Domestic freight charges included in all plans 
*Contact time with consultants is unlimited 
*All plans provide import/export requirements check 
*Additional inspection may be required depending on findings and are not included in this plan 
*Price for 0% Defect Inspection for FBA depends on inventory 

Office Address

Launchpad Asia Limited
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Inspection Office

Complex Building A, Fuyi Industrial Zone
Textile Machinery Market
Fujian, China

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